June 3, 2016


5  years ago I had the idea of building and designing my own arcade machine from scratch. At the time I wasn’t quite prepared for the task but the desire would grow for the next couple of years. Then in the early part of 2013 I decided it was time to take the leap. I hit up a good friend of mine and said hey I have this idea you should help fund it. He was quite excited about the idea and thus MGS 001 (my first arcade machine) was born. I had done a bit of research on arcade machines and how to build them. Japanese design and gaming had always been a huge inspiration in my life so I decided my first build should replicate that same design aesthetic. The cabinet was made using materials I purchased from my local big box hardware stores. Plywood and MDF mostly. With some other hardwoods used as for a support and an inner framework. My dad has taught me many good woodworking practices over the years. He is a boat builder by trade. My first build was a huge learning experience and I quickly realized how much time and money it really took to re create those iconic Japanese arcade machines from scratch. MGS 001 was a huge success among my friends and peers.


MGS 001

Around the beginning of 2014 another good friend commissioned me to build him a bigger machine (aka MGS 002) that would facilitate 4 players. The second build went much faster and I had built up a pretty good tool set by then. After the 2nd build I knew I had something with potential beyond a one time thing.


MGS 002

By the summer of 2014 I was in full swing working on my next design. I realized after the first two full size builds that shipping, storing and moving these machines was a pain in the butt. I decided to downsize and re create the same quality and style but on a smaller more portable scale. Thus my first bartop build MGS 003 ver 1 was born.


MGS 003 ver 1

This design proved to be my most popular yet and received much more traffic on both Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/MultiGameSystems and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/multigamesystem. I also got a couple of write ups on web blogs including http://blog.attractmo.de/post/110386593515/the-miniaturized-astro-city-weve-all-been-waiting.

MGS 003 was sold to a buyer in England upon completion at the end of 2014.  Next, I designed and built another bartop build the MGS 004 which was modeled after the SNK MVS-U4.


MGS 004

As well as a revised MGS 003 for a customer in California.


MGS 003 ver 2

Rob Dunn aka Multi Game System’s founder.